Traveling With Essential Oils

Traveling with EOsAre you traveling by air this summer?

I am and I know I want to take my Young Living essential oils with me when I go.  I have a few that I use religiously every day and a few more that I know I want with me…just in case.

Tips for traveling with essential oils:

Since they’re liquids, therapeutic grade essential oils are subject to the Transportation Safety Administration regulations for liquids.

  • They have to be placed in a 1 quart Ziploc plastic bag and they have to be carried outside your carry-on luggage.
  • You’re only allowed 3.4 ounces of liquid in your carry-on luggage.  That’s about 100 ml.  Most Young Living Essential Oils come in 5 or 15 ml bottles so take a look at the bottles of oils you want to take, the other liquids you want to take with you and figure out how much of your oils you can take.
  • You might need to pour some of your oils into the smaller glass bottles (the 5/8 dram size) to take with you and leave the original container at home.
  • Whatever you do, don’t think you can slip your oils through in your purse or carry-on.  It will show up on the x-ray and you’ll be subjected to search and they’ll take your oils.
  • X-ray will lower the frequency of some oils but the frequency will return over time.

If you pack your oils in your checked luggage instead of your carry-on luggage,  put the bottles in a securely closed plastic bag.

  • The bottles can sometimes leak and, while your oils smell wonderful individually, you don’t want your clothes to smell like a hodge podge of all your oils mixed together for the duration of your trip!

If you are going to use your essential oils before your flight, put them on your feet rather than over your heart, on your neck or your wrists.

  • Your fellow passengers will be less likely to smell them and you won’t trigger any allergies in those around you.

Some of the best Young Living essential oils to travel with are:

  • Thieves for colds, sore throats or stomach bugs that you might pick up while traveling
  • PanAway for minor scrapes or bruises
  • Lemon to purify the local water
  • Purification for insect repellant and to clean the air in your hotel room and get rid of any musty smells
  • Peppermint for headaches or stomach upset
  • Peace & Calming to help you sleep (you know how hard it is to sleep in a strange place the first couple of nights)
  • Lavender – just because it can be used for just about anything and it’s so soothing!

Take these essential oils or any others that you use every day with you on your travels and you’ll have a pleasant, illness free vacation.   Just a little planning ahead and you can take your oils wherever you go without worry.

Have any tips for traveling with oils that I didn’t mention? Please share them.

And, as always, please send me an email if you have any questions

Happy travels!

Mountain Rose Herbs
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4 Responses to Traveling With Essential Oils

  1. Maria Rote says:

    This couldn’t have been more timely for me. I just posted this question to the YLO FB group. Great post. Thanks.

  2. Cayci says:

    My hubs and I are going to Alaska in September and I was wanting a few opinions on the best oils to take. After seeing this I just ordered another Everyday Oils collection, they are all in there and small containers are so easy to travel with. Thanks for the list!

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